Chain Wear Reduction


A major roller chain manufacturer wanted to reduce chain wear and extend the re-lubrication interval.


A set of control chains were lubricated with heavy-duty wet lubricant, and a second set were prepared with DICRONITE® dry lubrication and the heavy-duty wet lubricant. The chains were then run at:

  • ambient temperature,
  • 798 feet per minute,
  • and under an applied load of 533 pounds per strand of chain.

Chain elongation measurements were taken at 50 pounds per square inch gauge pressure.


Testing was stopped at 132 hours (versus a planned 150 hours) due to one of the control chains breaking for a second time. Two parameters were measured at the 132-hour mark: the number of dry joints and chain elongation.

On average, the chains with DICRONITE® had 42% fewer dry joints versus the control group of only heavy-duty wet lubricant. The DICRONITE® chains also displayed an average of 42% less elongation, 51% less elongation when comparing best performing from each type, and 90% less chain wear in the best case.

This translated into longer chain life, increased gear life and lower operating temperatures. Adding DICRONITE® dry lubrication resulted in less down time and extended maintenance intervals, which reduced overall costs for their customers and enabled the manufacturer to charge a premium.

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