Elise DeKlotz, President and

Chairperson of the Board

tel: +1.800.874.4319, 208-621-2537

Lubrication Sciences International, Inc.

5465 East Terra Linda Way

Nampa, Idaho 83687

fax: 1.208.712.1060


Dicronite® dry lube Idaho has been owned and operated by Elise DeKlotz. Elise DeKlotz is genuinely an expert in the application of Dicronite®, the original modified Tungsten Disulfide (WS2), and is committed to providing exceptional service to all their customers, both large and small.

In 2018, Lubrication Sciences International, Inc.’s corporate offices moved from Southern California to Nampa, Idaho.

The corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility of Lubrication Sciences International, Inc. (LSI) are located in Nampa, Idaho. The Idaho team makes and distributes Dicronite®, supports their global network of licensed facilities, and promotes the use of this proven, precision dry film lubrication.

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